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Wesley Paxton

Email: wepaxton@jeffco.k12.co.us

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Conifer High School

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Conifer_hs_logo_tcp Conifer High School Home Organization
Wesley_paxton Wesley Paxton
2309 Members
398 Contributions To The Library
94 Classrooms
In 27 Subject Areas
American History:    AP US History    
Arts:    AP Studio - 2D     Ceramics/Pottery/Advanced C&P     Drawing/Advanced Drawing     Intermediate/Advanced Photography     Jewelry/Adnvanced Jewelry     Painting/Advanced Painting     Photography    
Biology:    Anatomy & Physiology     Ap Biology     Biology     Honors Biology     Marine Biology    
Business:    School-Based Enterprise    
Chemistry:    AP Chemistry     Chemistry     Honors Chemistry    
Civics:    World Geography    
Economics:    Economics    
English/LA:    AP Lang and Comp     AP Literature     English 11     English 12     English 9     Honors English 9    
Fine Arts:    AP Studio-Drawing Portfolio    
French:    French 1     French 2     French 3     French 4/5    
Geom/Measrmnt/Stat:    Geometry, Measurement, Statistics - Seminar    
Mathematics:    Algebra 1     Algebra 1 Part One     Algebra 2     Algebra 3     Algebra Inter     AP Calculus AB     AP Calculus BC     AP Stats     Geometry     Geometry Prin     Honors Algebra 2     Honors Geometry     Honors Pre-Calculus     Pre-Calculus    
Music:    Chorus Mixed     Concert Band     Guitar     Jazz Contemporary Band     Marching Band     Orchestra     Piano     Vocal Ensemble    
Nmbrs/Algebra/Funcs:    Numbers, Algebra, Functions - Seminar    
Other:    SAT/ACT Prep    
Phys Ed:    Advanced Weight Training     Aerobics     Individual/Dual Sports     Team Sports     Weight Training    
Physics:    AP Physics B     Physics    
Professional Development:    Professional Development    
Psychology:    Psychology    
Reading:    English 10     Honors English 10     READ 180     Reading & Literature - Seminar 10th     Reading & Literature - Seminar 11th     Reading & Literature - Seminar 9th    
Science:    AP Environmental Sci     Earth Science    
Social Studies:    AP Human Geography     AP Psychology     AP World History     Leadership     Modern US History     US Government     World History Overview    
Spanish:    Spanish 3     Spanish 3 Honors     Spanish 4     Spanish 4/AP    
Special Ed:    Bernstein     Challenge    
Technology:    Digital Audio Production     Drafting/CADD     Interactive Media    
World Languages:    Spanish 1     Spanish 2     Spanish 2 Honors    
Writing:    English Writing - Seminar 10th     English Writing - Seminar 11th     English Writing - Seminar 9th    

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